/ˈstɜdi / (say 'sterdee)

adjective (sturdier, sturdiest)
1. strongly built, stalwart, or robust.
2. strong, as in substance, construction, texture, etc.: sturdy walls.
3. firm, stout, or indomitable: sturdy defenders.
4. of strong or hardy growth, as a plant.
{Middle English stourdi unruly, reckless, from Old French estourdi dazed, past participle of estourdir stun, from Late Latin exturdīre deafen with chatter}
sturdiness, noun
/ˈstɜdi / (say 'sterdee)

noun Veterinary Science
{Middle English adjective meaning `giddy', from Old French. See sturdy1}
sturdied, adjective

Australian English dictionary. 2014.


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